Craig Conover for Springville City Council

Charting a Path to Springville’s Future

About Me

I'm a Springville native, and this city has been my lifelong home, the place where I've raised my family. Throughout my career, I've been deeply involved in our community, starting as a newspaperman at the Springville Herald and now serving as the manager of the Daily Herald. In addition to my work in journalism, I've also proudly operated a small sound and lighting business right here in Springville, a venture I embarked on at the young age of 14.

My roots run deep in Springville, and I have a profound love for this community. I'm genuinely excited about the ongoing transformations taking place here. As we navigate these changes, I firmly believe that each one of us has a role to play in ensuring that Springville retains its status as a wonderful place to call home.

That's precisely why I've chosen to run for a seat on the city council. My goal is to be a part of the decision-making process that safeguards and enhances the quality of life in Springville, not just for ourselves but for future generations, including our children and grandchildren.

Issues I will address:

  • Fostering Economic Growth
  • Actively Engaging with Resident Concerns and Desires
  • Expanding Springville City's Communication Channels with Residents
  • Encouraging Innovative Approaches in Governance
  • Preserving Springville's Family-Friendly Atmosphere
  • Attracting New Dining Options to Springville
  • Bringing back the Springville volunteer spirit
  • Expanding Green Spaces and Parks in Springville
  • Reinstating the Program for Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalks Throughout Springville
  • Elevating Entertainment Opportunities for Springville's Residents

Here are my political objectives for Springville

1. Promoting Openness and Transparency in Government

I am committed to fostering an open and transparent government. It is essential that the city takes proactive steps to keep residents informed about its actions and decisions. Currently, Springville lacks social media broadcasts of its meetings, which limits public access. If elected, I will work diligently to change this by ensuring that all city meetings are broadcast on social media platforms. This will empower every member of the public to witness the workings of their government and understand how these actions impact their lives. Improving communication between Springville City and its residents is a priority for me.

2. Supporting Responsible Development on the West Side

Having lived in the west part of Springville with my wife, Deanne, for the past four years, I have firsthand experience with the safety and infrastructure needs of this rapidly growing area. As a former Springville City Council member, I have collaborated with many stakeholders in this region before. If elected, I will continue to work towards responsible development that benefits businesses and residents in the west part of our community.

3. Effective Problem Solving and Action

One of my key strengths is my ability to get things done. Identifying problems is one thing, but finding creative and practical solutions is another. During my previous term on the Springville City Council, I encountered the issue of Springville's 950 West, a potential north-south corridor blocked by a railroad track. Many had asked why this street could not be connected over the tracks for years. I took it upon myself to address this problem persistently, engaging with city staff and exploring various avenues. The breakthrough came when I spoke with a PR representative from Union Pacific Railroad, gaining their support. The railroad crossing was subsequently prioritized and completed within just four months. This exemplifies my commitment to efficient and effective problem-solving for the betterment of Springville.

Here are some of my notable accomplishments

2021 Utah County Fair

My colleague Mike Duffin and I were entrusted with co-directing the 2021 Utah County Fair in March of that year. We accepted the challenge despite the fair being on hiatus for a year due to COVID-19. Many believed it was an impossible task to pull off a successful fair in just a few months. However, we successfully organized and executed one of the most triumphant fairs to date. Building on this achievement, I continued to plan and execute highly successful fairs in 2022 and 2023.

Art City Days

Over the past 30 years, I have been actively involved in enhancing Art City Days year after year. Notably, I spearheaded efforts to modernize the Art City Days fireworks display. It became one of the first in Utah Valley to be remotely ignited via computer, synchronized with a musical score. This innovation allowed spectators to enjoy the show while the music played in the Arts Park and was broadcast on the radio for those outside the park. Additionally, for over 15 years, I have been responsible for securing talent for the free Saturday night concert, a cherished tradition for many local families during Art City Days.

Safe Trick-Or-Treat

As a member of the Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors since 1984, I introduced the concept of Safe Trick-Or-Treat to draw shoppers to Springville's historic downtown area. This event, where local businesses and organizations provide candy to local children on Halloween, has grown significantly. It now attracts thousands of children and their parents to the downtown area each year.

Chamber Scholarship Golf Tournament

Two decades ago, I initiated the Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Golf Tournament, which has since contributed thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to local high school students.

World Folkfest

In my early twenties, I played a crucial role in providing sound and lighting expertise to the creation of the World Folkfest, an international folk dance and music festival in Springville. My business continuously supported the festival for three decades, introducing innovative approaches as it grew from a makeshift stage to the permanent structure at the Arts Park. This included collaborating with city staff to install professional equipment and systems, which are now used for various performance and entertainment events at the park.

Springville City Council Member

During my tenure as a Springville City Council member, I achieved several milestones:

  • I played a pivotal role in persuading Zions Bank to establish its location on 400 South in Springville, even after they had initially put the lot up for sale due to parking challenges with the city.
  • I successfully attracted businesses like Cougar Automotive and Utah Marine to set up shop on the west side of the freeway, designated as a Redevelopment Zone. This area is now thriving, with numerous new businesses contributing to Springville's sales tax revenue.
  • I championed the return of backyard chickens to Springville during my previous council term, reinstating a popular feature that the previous council had voted out.
  • I spearheaded the beautification of Springville's south Main Street entrance through a grant from the Utah Department of Transportation in collaboration with then Parks and Recreation Director Allan Curtis.

Building Effective Relationships

My lifelong involvement in the newspaper industry has allowed me to forge meaningful connections with community leaders across the state. This has provided valuable insights into the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they employ to enhance their communities. As a Springville City Council member, I will encourage this "outside-the-box" approach to problem-solving and finding solutions to the unique challenges Springville encounters.

Through my newspaper industry experience, volunteer work, and prior city council service, I have established relationships with business and civic leaders throughout Utah County, including esteemed figures like Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi, Spanish Fork Mayor Mike Mendenhall, and members of the Utah County Commission. These relationships enable me to tap into a broader network of resources and expertise to address Springville's challenges effectively.

Contact Me

Please feel free to call or text me at anytime.
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